The Stuttering Coach


My stuttering journey

Hello, my name is Aaron Toubian. I was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. At the age of four, I suffered a traumatic accident in which I nearly drowned in a pool. I ultimately developed a stutter in the aftermath of the incident. My family searched far and wide for a trained professional who could help me with my speech. I eventually became a student of Vivian Sheehan. After years of being frustrated with my difficulties in everyday social situations, Vivian provided me with the tools to succeed. My stuttering issues no longer became something I was defined by. My voice was always within me -- and fortunately I was able to find it. Using my past/present experiences as a template, it is now my goal to give back and help those who also deal with stuttering. I once dealt with self-esteem issues, shame, guilt and depression. I failed to love myself, and it was impacting my day-to-day life. This included interpersonal dialogue such as speaking on the phone, ordering food in public, any sort of job interview, and also adversely effecting my ability to make friends. With my teaching program, I combine the methods I have learned in addition to a list of tools you can use to thrive in these social situations. My aim to help your self-confidence blossom with a methodical framework one can reference time and time again. Everyone is owed the chance to live their life to the fullest. By finding your voice, the hope is that this dream will become a reality.


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